One-stop registry of ESG data and certifications for financial institutions, corporates, and SMEs, empowering the financial sector and multiple industries across Asia towards sustainability and net zero via holistic data, digital tools, and effective ESG financing. CO2X Pte Ltd (“CO2X”) signed a Memorandum of Understanding with key industry and association leaders from the Transport and Logistics, and Finance sectors. Maxeon has embarked on leveraging holistic ESG data and digital tools on ESGpedia for monitoring the sustainability performance of suppliers in its end-to-end supply chain. Via the partnership, Maxeon is enabled to select suppliers based on their emissions and provide greater transparency of its carbon footprint for its stakeholders.

UOB’s approach to sustainability is to simplify the adoption of sustainability practices for business. The tools and tracking systems that CO2X offers can help fleet operators reduce their carbon emissions. This collaboration enhances UOB’s capabilities and provides our customers with an integrated end-to-end approach as they embark on their sustainability journey and grow responsibly while reaping the long-term benefits of going green. As the possibilities for GSTF proliferate, this partnership will set a strong foundation alongside evolving industry frameworks, technological and market developments. Is expected to amplify sustainable finance by leveraging standardised ESG data available through the ESG registry.

  • Our inclusive platform will lower the barriers for SMEs to incorporate sustainability practices and bridge the gap between businesses and financial services in a data-driven approach.
  • Citadines Bali will be the first hotel in Bali to adopt digital tools to track emissions from its operations, which can be replicated to enable other hotels or buildings who are transforming to be more sustainable by utilising holistic ESG data and digital tools.
  • This would enable asset managers to channel their efforts towards truly high value-adding activities instead of manual workload, as well as to equip and familiarise themselves with new technologies for a more digital future.
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ESGpedia aggregates, records, and maintains the provenance of holistic and forward-looking ESG certifications and data of companies across various sectors and global verified sources on a single registry. As a leading technology player, Mastercard can play a key role in shaping the future of digital assets and providing consumer protections and security. Mastercard is thrilled to support STACS and the larger fintech community to grow and scale blockchain programs and platforms in an ever-changing industry. Registry platform aims to tackle this head on by creating a trusted centralised data repository for banks and investors to track a company’s progress measured against a standardised set of sustainability metrics. This paves the way for more companies to access sustainable finance to advance their sustainability agendas and make measurable steps towards realising a net-zero future. The ESG Registry in partnership with the Monetary Authority of Singapore’s Project Greenprint.

Why data remains the biggest ESG investing challenge for asset managers

STACS’ ESGpedia ensures the integrity of the RECs traded, enhancing trust and adoption amongst market participants, accelerating the country’s carbon neutrality goal. The cooperation centres around the usage of STACS’ ESGpedia digital registry, which powers the ESG Registry of the Monetary Authority of Singapore’s (‘MAS’) Project Greenprint. A pilot phase of the cooperation is underway, where Manulife Investment Management seeks to pilot innovative investment monitoring techniques for sustainable investments. Timed fittingly at the start of 2023, we embarked on our company retreat to the beautiful tropical beaches of Desaru, Malaysia, to foster deeper bonds with our team members and align on our common goal of bringing forward the future of Sustainable Finance.

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We at OCBC are happy to partner with CO2X as it sets out to address this gap across a broad range of industries. We believe technology solutions like this will combine well with our green and sustainability-linked loans to help our SME customers across the region to successfully transition their businesses and projects. As the global economy emerges from battling the Covid-19 pandemic, governments and businesses are shifting gears to be more environmentally responsible. This transition to decarbonisation will also reconfigure the way global supply chains are organised and executed.

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One of the ways to achieve this is through collaborations with innovative companies. The POC conducted in partnership with STACS presents an opportunity to provide a valuable learning experience to build knowledge and obtain insights that will allow us to grow the bond marketplace. The POC aims to increase operational efficiency, driving down the cost of operations as well as the cost of issuing bonds. We will continue to tap into emerging technological innovations to further develop the marketplace and improve the effectiveness and accessibility of the Exchange. Data transparency, reliability and security are corner stones of the emerging ESG capital market.

By tokenizing the VCC, we hope to support Singapore’s ambition of becoming the world’s fund management center as well as the hub for capital markets innovations. Aviva Singlife is pleased to be the first insurer to work with CO2X to utilize their Blockchain technology to underwrite and find green insurance solutions for the Transport and Logistics sector. Customers can leverage the platform to track their carbon footprint for benchmarking, devise fuel reduction strategies, reduce fuel costs and reduce emissions. By analysing the data collected, Aviva Singlife will be able to better assess and provide reduced insurance premiums for logistics operators. Our smart contract platform brings digitalisation and automation for the financial sector, unlocking value via automated concurrent processing, real-time perpetual reconciliation, and effective multi-asset lifecycle management.

This cutting-edge ‘bond in a box’ POC successfully explored the synergies between Fintech and ESG, using distributed ledger and smart contracts capabilities with cross-platform interoperability for ESG-compliant digital securities. With innovation at the forefront of our strategy, it is important to us to actively contribute to, and participate in the future of capital markets from a post-trade servicing perspective. This POC allowed us to assess the practical handling of tokenized assets, as well as the opportunities and challenges that could arise from their commercialization in Singapore, and potentially in other markets.

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Singapore will continue leading the region’s sustainable development towards net zero and ESG Finance, across various industries including carbon credits, fashion and textile, real-estate, hospitality, e-commerce, and more. Read our 2023 ESG Finance outlook on how every sector needs to step up their green efforts this year, or fear losing competitiveness and being left behind. The partnership with STACS, industry participants and regulators demonstrated that blockchain technology can deliver increased efficiencies, transparency and trust that can benefit the bond market. These are key values that ensure we remain responsible for our efforts to develop a vibrant and attractive marketplace. The case for going green today is becoming clearer for businesses across all industries and regions, but for real change to take place, SMEs need to have practical ways to measure and monitor their carbon footprint.

As part of the continuing development of the Gibraltar Stock Exchange Group ecosystem, and the Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange user onboarding experience, as of Monday, May 6th, a new KYC centre called the ‘GSX… STACS Token is the GSX Group’s upgraded ERC-20 token that will replace RKT as the utility token of GBX’s ecosystem. STACS has the same utility aspects as RKT, therefore, sponsor fees, listing fees, and trading fees will be paid in STACS token and all of the current membership aspects of RKT will be enjoyed by STACS holders in exactly the same way. The Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange announced it will be officially moving from the ROCK token, used to raise funds during its ICO at the beginning of the year, and will transition to the STACS token. Hold and temporarily lock STX, Stacks’ native currency, and support the network’s security and consensus.

Citadines Bali will be the first hotel in Bali to adopt digital tools to track emissions from its operations, which can be replicated to enable other hotels or buildings who are transforming to be more sustainable by utilising holistic ESG data and digital tools. The partnership involves the technical integration of EnOSTM, Envision Digital’s stacs token net zero platform for decarbonisation to the ESGpedia digital registry, which powers the ESG Registry of the Monetary Authority of Singapore’s (‘MAS’) Project Greenprint. STACS detects static credentials using “rule packs” provided to STACS when run. These rule packs define a set of YARA rules to run against files provided to STACS.

Through every employee’s learning experience, we encourage ownership, regardless of projects and roles. 2022 was a year that solidified our commitment to bringing forward the future of Sustainable Finance, and our position as Asia’s leading ESG FinTech, paving a clear pathway for the region’s net zero transition. Read on for our 2022 key highlights and on our progress on ESGpedia within MAS’ Project Greenprint.

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Just as we have done so before, through our various industry digitalization and automation solutions, we can work together as an industry, and as one united nation, towards a brighter, greener, and cleaner future for our children. Through our partnership with STACS, we hope to create a positive impact and provide customised and potentially cost-saving solutions for customers who successfully reduce their carbon footprint. Commitment to supporting a just transition by channelling capital to where it is needed most and leveraging our sustainable finance framework and comprehensive data-driven financing solutions to help our clients achieve their green KPIs. This enables an organisation to define a baseline set of rules for use by all teams, while still allowing teams to maintain rulesets specific to their products. STACS is a YARA powered static credential scanner which suports binary file formats, analysis of nested archives, composable rulesets and ignore lists, and SARIF reporting. Today, the Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange , a DLT-licensed blockchain asset exchange ecosystem launched last year, has announced the delisting of 16 cryptocurrencies.

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This is part of the long-term collaboration between STACS and CSOP to deploy a live solution for efficient OTC trade processing across different asset class. Future phases would move beyond trade matching to also facilitate the seamless settlement of trades. STACS appoints new leadership role, Sharon Yuen as the new Chief Commercial Officer, who will be steering the firm’s business development and sales efforts. Participating in this MAS funded initiative was an exciting experience for EFG and our team members. This is in line with our efforts to change the speed and scope of digitalisation in our business.

By taking responsibility for changing the way we operate, we benefit the environment, help customers succeed and communities thrive. Connect corporates with our robust ecosystem of financial institution partners to chart your own sustainability journey – achieve greater ESG capabilities and attain ESG financial services. If the finding is found to be a false positive – that is, a match on something other than a real credential – the developer can generate a set of “ignore lists” to ensure that these matches don’t appear in future reports. STACS stands for Securities Trading Asset Classification Settlement, which is a protocol for a scalable ledger network layer that seamlessly stacks on top of existing financial institutions while enabling the tokenization of the complete financial industry with zero inertia. TotalAV Antivirus Pro 2023 is an antivirus software designed to protect Mac computers from malware and other online threats.

MAS is happy to work with STACS in bringing together different players in different industries and sectors to provide, verify, certify and share data in a secure an efficient manner, so as to unlock green finance. Primarily, STACS provides a mechanism which allows users to define composable ignore lists which allow a set of findings to be “ignored”. This allows for an ignore list to include other ignore lists which enable composition of a “tree of ignores” based on organisational guidelines. Stacs is a YARA powered static credential scanner which supports binary file formats, analysis of nested archives, composable rulesets and ignore lists, and SARIF reporting.

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Next-generation Green Finance: Digital assets and sustainability-linked bonds

It offers a range of features including real-time protection and malware scanning to help keep your Mac secure. Additionally, the software includes a privacy shield to help protect your personal information, and a system optimizer to help keep your computer running smoothly. Our primary focus revolves around the latest tools released in the Infosec community and provide a platform for developers to showcase their skillset and current projects. This provides a stacs command which can then be used by developers to scan projects directly in their local development environments. This provides astacscommand which can then be used by developers to scan projects directly in their local development environments. The launch of the Greenprint ESG Registry, a common ESG data platform for all companies in Singapore by the Monetary Authority of Singapore and STACS, is a monumental step forward for Singapore in the sustainability space.

Sustainability is an increasingly important and necessary strategy for all companies, across all industries, to stay competitive today. Companies need to expand their business success metrics beyond the bottom line and recognise the long-term value sustainability creates. The CO2X platform is the best starting point for companies keen to embark on their sustainability journey.

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STACS is selected as private blockchain protocol provider for Project e-VCC, a global first initiative led by InvestaX, UBS, State Street, and CMS, and jointly supported by PwC Singapore and The Tezos Foundation. STACS ESG Finance Research | It’s clear that governments, institutions, investors, and consumers are all aligned on the need for sustainability to be at the heart of how we live, play, work, invest, shop, and travel. Tremendous opportunities lie ahead of us as the world transitions from fossil fuels to green alternatives, and our Little Red Dot must position itself now to capture these falling treasures. Everywhere, businesses of all sizes – from neighbourhood mom-and-pop shops to large corporates like BlackRock – are recognising the significance of sustainability as a core consideration for long-term economic success. Singlife will leverage CO2X’s data tracking and analytics capabilities to publish policyholders’ sustainability reports on ESGpedia, which tracks data including fuel consumption, carbon emissions, and carbon intensity. Using this information obtained with consent from insurance policyholders, Singlife will be able to efficiently develop and better structure new motor insurance policies by accurately assessing and monitoring environmental impact and costs.

It’s used to fuel smart contracts for Bitcoin, to reward miners on the open Stacks network, and enables holders to earn bitcoin by Stacking. Currently, STACS supports recursive unpacking of tarballs, gzips, bzips, zips, and xz files. As STACS works on detected file types, rather than the filename, propriatary file formats based on these types are automatically supported . Currently, STACS supports recursive unpacking of tarballs, gzips, bzips, zips, 7z, iso, rpm and xz files. Financial Market Infrastructures have time and again impacted all parties involved. In such unprecedented times and in the midst of disruptive transformation currently shaping the entire financial service industry, financial market infrastructure will not stay immune for much longer.

STACS’ key updates from the festival, including showcases that features collaborations of clients and partners from leading global financial firms all over the world, and finally our astounding win at the MAS Global FinTech Innovation Challenge Awards 2020. STACS is featured in the May 2021 The World Economic Forum report, as one of the few live DLT platforms for effective Trade Lifecycle Management for the financial industry. The platform eliminates and streamlines bespoke trade matching parameters, resolving trade exceptions in real-time for asset mangers.

Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange , an institutional-grade, regulated and insured token sale platform and digital asset exchange, today has announced that Kurt Looyens, former Country Executive for ABN AMRO Bank Spain, has been appointed as… If the finding is found to be a false positive – that is, a match on something other than a real credential – the developer can generate a set of “ignore lists” to ensure that these matches don’t appear in future reports. The partnership largely focuses on supporting effective green and sustainability-linked loans, among other Environmental, Social, and Governance financing formats. STACS has been awarded the globally-recognised ISO certification for information security management systems.